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Jesus church classes

Growth and development is a huge part of Jesus Church and we want to make sure you are equipped to Lead a healthy life in your home, finances, work, ministries, and relationships.  As we grow we are going to make sure we find ways to responsibly bring you the resources you need to grow and develop the tools needed for a healthy life! 

Cultural Awareness Training

We are the Body of Christ and we all reflect a different piece of God! The world wants to use our differences to tear us apart, but at Jesus Church we believe that our differences is what makes us stronger and more capable of living out the Destiny that He has for us! That is why it is so important we learn together how to embrace each other's differences and grow as a family that doesn't try to look the same but that highlights and appreciates our differences!  Culture goes beyond the way we look, and that is why understanding each other's differences is an essential tool of who we are at Jesus Church.

We invite you to join us for this training. We hope that it will help us appreciate, understand, and bridge communication gaps as we are serving at Jesus Church and within our communities.

Financial Peace  University

You Can Be Debt-Free. Dave Ramsey Shows You How in 7 Easy Steps. Learn More In This Study Now! Ditch the stress of debt. Trusted advice for 20 yrs. America's voice on money. Build wealth God's way. Changing people's lives.  Follow the Button to Sign up on Dave Ramsey's Site or Fill Out a Form to Send a Request to Jesus Church to Help You Get in This Class!

Our Next Series starts August 20th.  Fill out the link below to let us know if you would be interested in attending this class! 

JC Discovery

Do you have a desire to know more about who we are at Jesus Church?
Do you have questions about what we believe biblically?
Maybe you have specific questions that need answering but are unsure about where to begin?
We have great news! JC Discovery is a time in which we want to unpack all your burning questions while sharing our heart about what we believe and who we are at Jesus Church.  We encourage you and welcome you to take part in this event.
JC Discovery will be lead by our Pastor, Aaron Phetteplace.
We look forward to our time together!

Contact Pastor Aaron if you are interested in attending this class October 20th