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At Jesus Church we believe that discipleship is a key part of the life of a believer. We are excited when people make the decision to follow Jesus and accept His invitation to be Lord of our life, but that is the beginning of a journey with Him. Jesus called us to be and make disciples. This comes through understanding our relationship with God in a greater way, learning more of who He is and walking in what He desires for our lives. In JC discipleship, you will dedicate 4-5 weeks per class to this call that Jesus has given us. Classes are on Sundays at 1pm and there will also be disciplines that you will learn such as scripture memorization, daily Bible reading and Church participation. We believe that in these classes, you will gain tools that will help deepen your relationship with Jesus and bring more life to your relationship with Him.
Class 1: Understanding the Role of scripture
This class will help us understand the role the scripture plays in the life of a believer. We follow in the scriptures, but why. The truth is that we follow scripture because Jesus did! If you have questions about what is in the Bible, how we relate to it, who wrote it, how it was written, as well as a multitude of other questions, this class is for you. We will be launching this phase of discipleship during the summer and then again next winter.
Class 2: Who does God say He is
This class focuses around Exodus 34:6-7 which is the only place where God Himself describes who He is and what He is like. This is ground zero for our belief about God! In the Jewish world, this passage is as famous as John 3:16 is to Christians. When we learn about who God says He is, we will have a profoundly greater understanding of how to relate to Him and follow in His ways. This class will be available end of summer/beginning of fall and then again at the beginning of 2019.
Class 3: Realizing the Promises of God from the beginning
This class is a powerful look at the promise that God made to us 1000’s of years ago, known as the blood covenant. It is impossible to fully understand the New Covenant that Jesus ushered in with His death and resurrection until you understand the Blood Covenant. Though this class you will greater understand the amazing love our God has for us and how it has been show thought all of scripture. This class started in April and will be available agin next Fall.